Monday, October 4, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

I went into the Baby Bug's room this morning to awaken her from her dreamy slumber. I opened the blinds to let light into the room and then found the Butterfly sprawled across her crib like below. This little girl definitely loves her sleep, and enjoys using every inch of her crib to get it... including the vertical edges apparently!



Coco said...

Did you just stand and stare at her? I loved to watch my kids sleep when they were babies. I can't remember the song but I always used to think of this line when Paige was tiny, "I touch you while you're sleeping just to see how beautiful you feel." Somehow it says what's hard to put into words.

Queen Cindy said...

I love it when my children are sleeping. Nothing more precious to watch. AND ENJOY. :o)

groovy mama said...

Who doesn't LOVE LOVE a sleeping Child....One of my most favor things is watch our children sleep. So precious, Thanks for sharing yours!

China Dreams said...

Not a care in the world; just as childhood should be.