Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just praying...

Liliana's prayers right now...

for a baby sister. Well little bug, we'll just have to see what we can do. Be patient because these things take a lot of time. Who knows what the future may bring.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ladybug Memories

I just put the Ladybug down for a nap, and her one request... "I want my ladybug bainty (blanket)."

A good friend, fellow blogger, and adoptive mother recently asked me if her daughter's favorite blanket was a gift from me. Well, to answer her question, "Yes!" Early in the adoption process, as the timeline was slowing to a crawl, several of us adoptive moms became "secret pals" to one another. My dear friend Kristi became the person whom I showered with anonymous gifts and cards. One of the gifts I made for her was a ladybug blanket. I decided at the same time to create a similar blanket from the same material for my little ladybug.

The decision to create similar blankets seemd rather insignificant at the time. But now, two years later I see how special that decision was. What I find wonderful about this story is that two little girls who now live half-way around the world from each other, share not only the same blanket, but also similar feelings about their blankets. The Ladybug absolutely adores her blanket. She sleeps with it every night, plays with it throughout the day, and even wraps her baby dolls in it to keep them warm. Now I find out that Kristi's daughter loves her blanket just as much as the Ladybug. When mother and daughter recently moved half-way around the world to live in China (my secret dream by the way!), the blanket was a must! Who knew that two years after bringing our girls home, they would share special blankets that will bond them for life. They may not be sisters in real life, but they are sisters in the heart. We miss you friends!

The Ladybug is pictured here with her blanket, staying warm one a cold, snowy day.