Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Haircut

I knew this day would come, and as such I have been avoiding it like the plague. I absolutely adore the Ladybug’s long curly locks. Those beautiful tendrils of gorgeous brown ringlets always make me smile, and have been the envy of all of her friends, near and far. Even while we were in China “Baby Big Hair” made all of her friends a little bit jealous of her natural bouffant. But, the day had to come eventually. The day when mommy and daddy would take her in to a complete stranger to have her hair trimmed. Today was that day.

Below is the the event in pictures. Enjoy!

The Ladybug posing for the camera before her haircut.

Checking out which style and cut she wants... and looking really scared before the haircut.

The stylist took her ponytail holders out and then over to the sink to wash her hair.

During the shampoo The Ladybug became very scared and started to cry so we stopped the wash (the shampoo hadn’t even been put into her hair yet) and went back to the chair.

As soon as the cut began, The Bug was a trooper and sat quietly throughout the haircut, intently watching the stylist do her work.

The Ladybug continued to watch every little step carefully, making sure the stylist wasn’t taking too much off.

After the haircut the stylist started to dry The Ladybug’s hair with a hair dryer. In the beginning the Bug seemed OK with it, but soon became scared and started to cry. Daddy walked over, held her hands to keep her from being too frightened. After it was all over her consoled her with a kiss to make it all better.

Of course, what really made everything better was the lollypop she received from the stylist.

Here she is with her new haircut. To be honest the bangs are just a teensy bit too short, but in about a week they will be perfect. We didn’t take too much off the length since her natural curl makes the hair seem shorter anyway. The little Bug loves her new do and so do we. Not bad for a first go around.