Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Bug has the Frizzies!

The Ladybug has been taking ballet since September, as some of you may remember. Every Wednesday I pick her up, take her home to get ready, then we are off to the ballet studio for her lessons. Part of our getting ready routine is getting her hair done, usually up in a bun and her bangs off her face. Unfortunately, with so little time after school to do so before her lessons start, her hair (in September and early October) ended up looking a little messy. Fortunately, the Bug has a great teacher who loves to do my little girl's hair... woohoo!!! This teacher is very creative, each week coming up with a unique design, and ends up doing such a great job with the hair that we often leave it up for a couple days.

Yesterday the Ladybug had one of her lessons, so as usual, her teacher pulled her hair back. This time the teacher used about 14 little rubber bands which streamed down either side of her head, holding more and more hair with each band. The final look was adorable, so much so that other mothers at the ballet studio commented on how cute the hair looked. (Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the hairdo, honestly, it really was adorable. I am just kicking myself now for not getting that pic.)

Because her hair still looked great this morning, we decided to leave her hair just the way is was, no reason to take it all down when it looked so cute. So this evening, the Ladybug had to take a bath and her hair finally had to be taken out. Daddy and the Bug walked into the bathroom to start taking out the rubber bands. I was in the other room as I heard the two of them giggling every few minutes. Then, about ten minutes later she walked out into the living room and started to sing... "She's gonna be a big sensation... Izzy's got the Frizzies!"

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with that little tune, it comes from a popular cartoon called Phineas and Ferb. Izzy is a close friend of the two main characters. One day she encountered a lot of humidity and her hair turned very frizzy. The video below is from the episode and is of Izzy dancing to the song:

So, when the Ladybug walked into the room singing the song and doing the dance I couldn't help but laugh hysterically. I think that the Bug looked exactly like Izzy. See for yourself!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Asian Squat

Sorry about my lack of posts. We successfully moved into our new house about 2 1/2 weeks ago. However, with our move I lost the power cord for my computer, thus I have not been on my computer or facebook at all while at home (plus we have been getting settled into the new house, so many boxes to unpack). Though I have limited access from work, everything I usually use for my posts is on my main computer such as the editing software and all my photos. Fortunately, I did find the power cord on Sunday, so I will be posting again normally very soon.

In the mean time I saw this little video and had a good chuckle. I thought that everyone else who has ever been to China will find this amusing. The 5-minute video is called How to Do the Asian Squat. I recall many people in China who squat down like this all the time. While at a Buddhist temple, I saw a worker on her lunch break, squatting down to eat her bowl of noodles. However, where I found the squat most useful is at a "squatty potty," or for those who have never seen one, a hole in the ground where you are expected to go to the bathroom. Children are taught this skill at an early age, and the squatting continues throughout their lives. The image below I quickly snapped of a mother helping her little boy go to the bathroom on the ground of the Temple of Heaven. Notice both of them doing the "Asian Squat."

For Westerners, this bending at the knees all the way to the floor is not fun at all. Mix that discomfort with the humiliation, aggrivation, frustration, necessity of having to go to the bathroom in a way that you are completely unaccustomed to. Nope, not fun at all. We are just used to the "throne" as some call it, and I will take a "throne" any day over the squatty potty. Either way, it is a very different experience for those who are used to doing their business at a bit higher altitude.

I found this photo of the Ladybug while we were in China. Looks like she has got the squat down pat. Must be nice to be young... and limber.

Here is the video, enjoy!

HOW TO DO THE ASIAN SQUAT (Hi-Res) from Daniel Hsia on Vimeo.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Are Moving!

Some of you have wondered why I have not been posting as often as I used to post. You may have also noticed that I have been rather tight lipped about what has been going on out here (I guess that I just didnt' want to jinx anything). Honestly, we have been really busy at our house. But, I am finally willing to share.

Yes, you read it right... we are moving! Our house is sold (we closed yesterday) and the official move will happen this Saturday. We are really busy right now so I don't have much time for a long post to give all of the details. But, just know that we are not moving very far and it is all good. The (old) house is filled with boxes, just waiting to be moved. Saturday cannot come soon enough. (Try walking around your house when it looks like this!)

I will post from our new house once we get things set up. Wish us luck!