Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Asian Squat

Sorry about my lack of posts. We successfully moved into our new house about 2 1/2 weeks ago. However, with our move I lost the power cord for my computer, thus I have not been on my computer or facebook at all while at home (plus we have been getting settled into the new house, so many boxes to unpack). Though I have limited access from work, everything I usually use for my posts is on my main computer such as the editing software and all my photos. Fortunately, I did find the power cord on Sunday, so I will be posting again normally very soon.

In the mean time I saw this little video and had a good chuckle. I thought that everyone else who has ever been to China will find this amusing. The 5-minute video is called How to Do the Asian Squat. I recall many people in China who squat down like this all the time. While at a Buddhist temple, I saw a worker on her lunch break, squatting down to eat her bowl of noodles. However, where I found the squat most useful is at a "squatty potty," or for those who have never seen one, a hole in the ground where you are expected to go to the bathroom. Children are taught this skill at an early age, and the squatting continues throughout their lives. The image below I quickly snapped of a mother helping her little boy go to the bathroom on the ground of the Temple of Heaven. Notice both of them doing the "Asian Squat."

For Westerners, this bending at the knees all the way to the floor is not fun at all. Mix that discomfort with the humiliation, aggrivation, frustration, necessity of having to go to the bathroom in a way that you are completely unaccustomed to. Nope, not fun at all. We are just used to the "throne" as some call it, and I will take a "throne" any day over the squatty potty. Either way, it is a very different experience for those who are used to doing their business at a bit higher altitude.

I found this photo of the Ladybug while we were in China. Looks like she has got the squat down pat. Must be nice to be young... and limber.

Here is the video, enjoy!

HOW TO DO THE ASIAN SQUAT (Hi-Res) from Daniel Hsia on Vimeo.


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China Dreams said...

Very cute. I never had a problem doing the squat, nor did my daughter, but you would have thought my travel mate was being tortured to hear her talk about it :-) Good thing we weren't in Vietnam; people do many of their chores and eat in that position.