Saturday, July 6, 2013

Butterfly's Forever Family Day 2013

It has been three years since we were in China to bring the Butterfly home..
Three years since we finally got to see the Butterfly in person for the first time.
Three years since we finally got to hold her for the first time.
Three years since we heard those whimpering cries for the first time.

 Three years has gone by so quickly, it seems.  We have all experienced so much in that time.  So many things have happened, so many blessings.  Yet I am sitting here wondering what happened to my little baby, where did she go.

That little baby is now a strong-willed, four year old little girl who is finding her way in this world.  Three years ago she found her way into our hearts, then found her place in our family.

That first week, at fourteen months, she couldn't walk... she couldn't  even crawl.  But, she quickly found strength.  Within a week she was crawling.  Within a month she was walking, and she never looked back!

So, as I sit here writing this.  I look down at my little baby, curled up in my arms and remember the first time I held her.  I remember her frightened eyes and delicate little features.  I remember a baby yearning for love.

Yes, she is still a little baby to me, she always will be in my eyes.  But there are special times that we share.
When she crawls up into my lap,
hugs me tightly,
kisses me softly,
rests her head upon my chest,
and falls asleep in my arms. 
Those are the times when she is my baby.

July 2010

July 2011

July 2012 (We were on vacation and completely forgot to take a photo.  So, I made a little collage of us at that time.)

July 2013

So as we celebrate this special day, the Butterfly's Forever Family Day, I remember that first day.  I remember it all, and I am so thankful for that special day.  My little baby ChenChen is now  my beautiful Butterfly, my little girl... my baby.

I love you little one.

Love always,


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ladybug Turned 7!!!

Hard to believe how quickly time is flying by.  We were in China almost 7 years ago, and now my "baby" is turning 7 years old.  The Ladybug is so happy to no longer be toddler (though I am really missing that phase with her,, and yes I know she passed that phase a few years ago), and moving very quickly into becoming a young lady.

At seven years old she loves school, is reading incredibly well, loves watching Doctor Who with the family, enjoys time by herself (away from her sister), enjoys being a tween with the silly attitude that comes with it, plays on her (dad's) IPod, is totally into peace signs, tie-dye, and sparkles, and thinks that her family is the greatest thing in the world.  I love this age, though I do long for the time when she was younger.  She is such a studious little girl who really enjoys school.  She is a kid who loves to make her family happy.  She is amazing.

For her birthday, Daddy and I decided the best gift for her would be something to help with her studies.  Her very own desk.  Daddy was crossing his fingers with this gift, feeling that it could be hit-or-miss with whether she liked it or not.  However, his worry was useless.  She LOVES her new desk!

The Ladybug did enjoy a fun party with her friends.  We all went bowling and enjoyed a fun afternoon of falling pins, pizza, cake, and presents. 

The Butterfly trying her hand at bowling.

Yummm, pizza (click to see larger images)!

Time for cake!

(A friend of the Ladybug's who looks an awful lot like my niece).



The ladybug's 7th birthday was such fun!  The girls all seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly.  I still just cannot believe that she is 7!!!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Winter Finally Arrived

We may live in a place that boasts cold temperatures during the winter.  And, most people think that we get a ton of snow because of the sub-freezing temps.  However, that is just not true.  Our winter landscape is usually brown and dull.  We are lucky to get one good snowfall each year, and it usually happens during the Spring.  This year was no different.  However, rather than a few inches, we were walloped with a continuous blizzard for 48 hours.  The result, over two feet of snow and two whole days off from school and work.  We were happily house-bound during that time and are now trying to dig our way out.

The snow that drifted under our awning.  Over a foot on the railing.

Daddy starting to shovel after day one of snow during a slight break in the storm.

My Ladybug flashing a peace sign.

Helping Daddy shovel snow.

My beautiful Butterfly getting ready to play outside on day two.

The girls playing outside.

A Butterfly in the snow.

Of course, what is a snow day without a little fun indoors.  Painting our fingernails was the perfect treat for a relaxing, fun snow day(s)!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Doctor "Who-loween"

Each day that I log into my computer I look up at my bookmarks bar and see the link to my blog... the one I used to update at least weekly.  I look at the the link, look at the name, and feel as though I have failed.  Failed because I haven't taken the time to update the blog for not only friends and family, but also for my girls with all of their cherished memories.  And, once I quit updating, I found it all too easy to continue with the pattern.

But, I don't like it.  I want to be able to share the fun memories my girls are creating.  I want to be able to chronicle their childhood.  After all, memories are fleeting.  But once something is written down, it becomes a part of "forever."  It becomes a permanent memory that our family can remember for years to come.  So, as my first post back in the blog world, I thought it fun to share Halloween, 2012.
As some may remember, my family enjoys the show Doctor Who.  As a matter of fact, last year I posted about the interest that the Butterfly had in the show one day when it was playing.  We called her the latest Whovian.  So this year, sometime in September, I asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween.  The Ladybug shared that she wanted to be Amy Pond from Doctor Who!  I chuckled at the thought of her becoming the Doctor's latest companion, red-headed no less.  I then asked, with a bit of humor, "What would you like to be little Butterfly?  The TARDIS (the Doctor's time machine)?"  Without hesitation, the Butterfly exclaimed, "YES!!!"  So, that is how it all started.

I soon spent some time trying to figure out how in the world I was going to create a TARDIS that could fit my three-year-old.  My first thought was a box, painted blue, with a hole in the top for her head.  But then I did an internet search and saw all sorts of creative outfits that had been created by women, and rather than boxes, they wore dresses.  Blue, swaying dresses that looked like the TARDIS.  I knew then that is what I wanted to create for the Butterfly.

For the Ladybug, I decided to create the one very distinctive Amy Pond outfit, that of the kissogram Police Officer.  Of course, the Ladybug loved the idea!  So, she and I went to the fabric store and searched for fabric for her and her sister's outfits.  We found the perfect fabric, a pattern that would work for both girls' outfits, and all of the trim that we needed to create the costumes.

The process began with the cutting of the pattern and pinning the fabric to it.  Finally the sewing began.  Each night I did a little bit more on the dresses, and at the end of each night the Butterfly would ask if her TARDIS dress was completed... yet.  She was so excited to watch the creation of her dress, each day asking the same question.

After a little while I had a partial dress that I wanted her to try on for me so that I could check the fit and see if there were any alterations I needed to make.  Of course she jumpred at the chance to put on the dress and model it for me.  The Butterfly smiled from ear to ear with joy as she walked around the house in her new, albeit unfinished, TARDIS dress.

It didn't take long though before I completed the dress and moved onto the Ladybug's costume.  She was also so excited as each piece came together.  She also loved the UPS guy because each day (at least it seemed that way), he would deliver another piece of her costume... police belt, white shirt, boots, etc.

Before we knew it, Halloween, "Who-loween" was here.  The girls eagerly dressed in their new costumes and joyfully bounced around the house, playing their Doctor Who roles.  Before long, daddy also emerged from the bedroom dressed as the Doctor himself, just the perfect person to take the girls trick-or-treating.  Below are some photos from the evening.  As you can see, the night was a complete success.  Who knew that dressing as a time maching and a traveling companion would bring such joy to two little girls.