Friday, August 15, 2014

The Butterfly is About to Start Kindergarten!

The time has come (all too quickly it seems), and the Butterfly is raring and ready to go.  Hard to believe that our little baby girl is now ready to start Kindergarten.

She is growing so quickly and has turned into quite an independent spirit in the last few years.  I love that she fiercely sticks up for what she "thinks" is right and doesn't let people walk all over her.  However, as her mom, trying to parent this head-strong little girl, I have definitely earned a few gray hairs!

Despite her maverick personality, Mommy is a little worried about her new adventure.  There are so many what-ifs and possibilities for what could happen, and of course my mind wanders toward the negative stories I have heard about from other mothers (there are also amazing stories I hear as well).  She will be starting a new school and meeting many new people who do not know anything about her.  They don't know why her hand is different.  They don't know that she was born this way.  They don't know (yet) that she doesn't need extra help and she will get rather frustrated if you don't let he do things for herself.  They do not know that she can do anything she sets her heart and mind to.  They also don't know that she is just a normal kid who does normal things.  She is just like other kids, each unique in their own way, but also just the same.  They just don't know her yet.

So, her daddy and I decided to create a book about her that we plan to share with her class on the first day of school.  This book should take away any stigma about her hand and open the door to a conversation with the students, teachers, and parents that our little girl can do anything and everything her classmates can do... and more!  Nothing stops her.

Here is the book:

Good luck little girl!  Enjoy Kindergarten and make them see that you can do anything!!!



Katrina and Ken said...

This is an amzing book! I love that you made it for the class. What a gift.

RFHS70 said...

Love the book, and that lil' girl!!

Lisa~~ said...

Amazing book, amazing girl and amazing parents!

Tracy Brody said...

You don't know me but I was doing some research for a book I'm (re)writing and came across the picture of Liliana on the ground when learning to ride a bike. I clicked on the picture because it's pretty much what I imagine for my hero's daughter - helmet, wrist guards, knee & elbow pads to overcome fear of previous fall. Then, I see Maia's picture and a link to "Red Thread Dragonfly." I'm part of a group of writers that were all finalists in a contest in 2015 and our group's name is the Dragonflies so I had to click. It's on the web and public --on a blog so I'm not invading privacy, right? ;) Had to comment because as a former scrapbooker, I read the book you made for Maia. Love, Love, Loved it. Both your girls are beautiful and you are a fantastic mother. Sure your hubby is awesome too. Blessings to your family.