Monday, September 27, 2010

Painting... A Story in Pictures

A few years ago I gave the Ladybug a paintbrush and asked her to start painting. What she created was both simple and beautiful, something that we all cherish dearly. The Ladybug was 26-months old at the time, and there are a couple things I remember from that event:
1. The Ladybug concentrated very hard to make sure all of her paints were perfect
2. She found great joy in painting her toe nails (already a "girly" girl)

This evening I thought it was time to give the Butterfly, now 17 months old, a paintbrush to see what she would do. I figured that I would see some differences between the two girls and how they painted. What I didn't count on was some of the similarities. Below is our journey, in photos, as the Butterfly tried her hand and painting.

We started by putting some paint on her hand and making hand prints. She was quite fascinated with the paint.

The Butterfly then tried painting her fingernails.

(I am thoroughly impressed with how she holds the paintbrush at such a young age... yup, proud mommy!)

It was now time for a silly face.

Then, time to scratch her eye... with her painted hand.

Which lead to...

... a crying Butterfly.

So, mommy washed her face and we started again.

She even tried painting with her little hand.

Eventually she decided to get back to painting the paper.

But in the end, she found her favorite canvas to be her adorable tummy.

Just look at that concentration!

Yup, I think we have another artist in the family.



China Dreams said...

Adorable pictures :-)

groovy mama said...

SO cute ,lucky mama!

Ellie said...

what a sweet idea! I love that you did the same thing with both girls - and that they were so similar :)

your photos are gorgeous of your sweet baby girl!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Awesome pics!

Anonymous said...

So fuckable