Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Ballerina Bug

With so many updates on the Baby Butterfly lately, some of you may be thinking that the Ladybug has taken a back seat in this family. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Bug is doing amazingly well as a big sister, and has handled the adjustment from being an only child to having to share time with her parents really well. Honestly, I am very impressed with how well she has handled the adjustment of going from being the constant center of attention to having to share the spotlight. Thumbs up little girl, I am very proud of you!

One of the things that is very important to our family is music. Ask our family and close friends and they will likely tell you the same... we are music fanatics. We listen to all sorts of music depending on the day and our mood. You will often hear music playing in our cars, at home, and in our offices at work. Fortunately, both of the girls LOVE music as well. Though we have only had her for two months, we have already seen the Butterfly grooving to some funky tunes in the car, and wiggling to some fun thumping music at home. But, she is just following in her sister's footprints. The Ladybug is a mover and a groover, shaking and wiggling to any music that she feels has a great beat. In other words, she loves to DANCE!

At the beginning of summer I was talking with some friends who have daughter about the same age as the Ladybug, the girls are great friends. We all thought it would be great if our girls could start taking dance classes this fall. Obviously, with us traveling to China this summer, my looking into classes and checking out different dance studios was put on the back burner. Fortunately, my dear friend called me about a month ago to tell me that she enrolled her daughter for lessons at a local dance studio, and if I was still interested in signing up the Ladybug, there were still a few spots available in the class. I jumped at the idea and got the Bug signed up immediately (of course, after discussing the idea with my dear husband!).

I decided to keep the great news a surprise for the Ladybug until last week when the dance studio had an open house. You should have seen the Bug's eyes as soon as we walked in the door of the studio. She looked at me with great curiosity and asked, "Mom, why are we here?" I told her that we decided to sign her up for dance lesson, and her best friend would also be in her class. Her eyes got really big and huge smile beamed across her face, whereupon she ran over to me, squeezed me tightly and said, "Thanks mom!" On our way home I asked her what she thought of her new activity, and the only word she could muster was, "AWESOME!!!" (Which she repeated so many times on the drive home that I lost count!) I think I am already raising a teenager.

Yesterday was the Ladybug's first dance class. She was so excited to see her friend again, and the two of them walked hand-in-hand into the studio together. My friend and I watched the girls from another room through a one-way mirror (that way the girls wouldn't be too distracted). They were so cute, and honestly they both did a great job for their first dance class (yup... proud mommy speaking!). Following the class, the girls chatted outside, giggled and laughed. Such great friends. The pair are already planning what they will do next week in class together.

I have to say that I am proud, and just so excited for the Ladybug. With so much of the focus recently in the house being on the baby, having something that the Bug can do by herself, for herself is exactly what she needs. I really look forward to the coming months as our little girl blossoms into a beautiful little dancer. Here are some photos of the Ladybug on her first day. She already looks like such a pro (with a little bit of sass thrown in here and there!).

Both girls are thoroughly excited for next week and their second class.



Ellie said...

and what a beautiful big ballerina bug sister she is! I love your conversions on these - yummy!

groovy mama said...

What a lovely little girl.....hugs, Donna