Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Opposite Roles

Just a quick post today about my girls. One is growing up so quickly, and the other is striving to go back in time.

The Ladybug is now 4 1/2 years old, and with her new baby sister in the house, the older sibling is really wishing that she was the baby in the house again. Just the other day I found her like this...

After dinner, she had climbed into her sister's high chair, and was playing with her toes, just like a one year old. Poor thing really misses being the baby in the house.

Later that evening I found the Butterfly, now 17 months old, walking around the house acting like a teenager...

Really "Bad to the Bone." She is now walking, and at times, running everywhere. She follows her big sister around everywhere she goes (much to the disappointment of her big sister), trying to be big just like her.

Of course she does still love her blankets!

We have been home just three months now and already our girls are wishing to be an age other than what they are... ahhhhh, such is life.



Queen Cindy said...

This sounds familiar. The age range is closer for your girls, so maybe there's less competition, but at my house, the non-competitive child has become quite competitive. And also spent the entire first year that I had the baby home with us in the same bedroom simply because "It wasn't fair." Such a delicate balance we as parents must accomplish.

Briana's Mom said...

I know Briana would be feeling the same way that Ladybug is feeling if there was another little one in our house. She got a bit jealous when I was helping out one of her little school friends on a field trip a few weeks ago! Geesh!!!

Very sweet pictures. :)