Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Shoo Visit

What a fun weekend!

We live in the middle of the United States and enjoy where we decided to settle ourselves down greatly. Unfortunately, because we chose to live in middle American, we do not have family who lives close to us. My mom, sister, and family live on the East Coast, while my husband's family live primarily on the West Coast. Most of the time I love the fact that we live nicely situated between two coasts, just the perfect distance from all of the "fun" that can happen when you live real close to relatives. However, there are times when I dearly with that we did live closer, especially now that we have children.

As many of you know, my mother accompanied us to China to bring home the Butterfly this past summer, so she has actually met our newest little wonder and spent some fun time with all of us. However, what many of you may not know is that my husband's mom and dad were also planning on accompanying us to bring home the baby, but some other last minute issues came up and they were not able to make it. So, sadly they have not had the opportunity to meet our newest little family member... that is, until this weekend!

Nana & Papa Shoo, and Nana Shoo's Mom, the Great-Nana Sutts came out to visit us this weekend. The Ladybug loves her Nana and Papa and she was so excited to get the opportunity to see them again. But, because the baby is still a bit apprehensive around new people, we were a little worried how/if she would take to them. Apparently we worried unnecessarily.

They arrived at our house on Friday afternoon, and as soon as they walked in the door both girls were excited to see them. The Butterfly went to all of them immediately (she never does this with new people), and eventually started grinning from ear to ear each time she would walk up to them. We eventually went to dinner where they were able to observe the baby's voracious appetite and much of her silliness that we enjoy on a daily basis. Following dinner we settled in for the night to get some nice rest before a busy day tomorrow.

Saturday, the Ladybug had already planned to go attend a Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic to build another exciting item. This weekend she was building a wooden bat that flaps its wings (in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday). With Papa Shoo and the rest of the family tagging along she was even more excited to be building something special (Papa Shoo is a great do-it-yourself type of guy, so the Ladybug was proud to have him there to watch her hammer away).

The Butterfly hanging out by her sister at Lowe's.

The Ladybug checking out her work.

The Butterfly watching her sister intently while she makes her flying bat for Halloween.

Nana Shoo and the Butterfly watching daddy and the Ladybug build her bat.

The Butterfly offer some suggestions to the Ladybug.

The Butterfly and Nana Shoo "cheesing" for the camera.

Nana Shoo, the Butterfly, and Great-Nana Sutts smiling for the camera.

The baby wandering around Lowe's while her sister is making a flying bat.

Following the building, we enjoyed a great lunch and eventually dinner with the family. At one point, the Ladybug convinced her Nana that the perfect place to visit while they were here was not any of the beautiful landmarks (Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, etc.). No, her persuasion skills must be amazing because she convinced her Nana to take her to Chuck E. Cheese (she is only four after all!). We all made our way over there and played a few games. The Bug had a BLAST, as can be expected, and surprisingly, so did her sister who enjoyed the mini merry-go-round, and all of the flashing lights and music.
Papa Shoo and the Butterfly enjoying some time together.

A little peck on the cheek.

Time for a stare-down.

Apparently the Butterfly won this round.

Time for some tickles.

Great love between Papa and his newest grand-daughter.

We finished our fun day with a nice dinner before saying goodbye. It was such a short visit, but we all thoroughly enjoyed the time together. I am so happy that they had the opportunity to finally meet the Butterfly and get to know her a little bit. She is such a fun little girl and has really come out of her shell in the last couple months since she has been home.

Thank you Nana & Papa Shoo and Great-Nana Sutts for visiting us. We hope to see you all again real soon. We love you!!!


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These are fabulous pictures, especially the ones of baby and Papa!