Monday, July 18, 2011

Staying Cool!... UPDATE!!!


The Butterfly awoke from her nap and low-and-behold, she wanted to get back into the water... surprise, surprise! The butterfly put on her hat and raced outside for more fun. New photos of the fun from the rest of the day follow at the end of the post.

In case you didn't know, there is a heat wave moving across this continent. We have had temperatures in the low 100's for the past few days. We are doing everything we can to stay cool, which usually means we are staying inside in the nice air conditioned house. However, today I decided to do something else with the girls.

We have a nice little kiddie pool, as well as a water-squirting hop-scotch toy. Unfortunately, we don't have a yard quite yet to put those things out on. But, we pulled out some tarps, the hose, and our new water toys, put them on our deck, and let the water flow! The girls had a blast staying nice and cool in the blistering heat. The baby is now taking a nap... she tired herself out from all the fun. Who knows... the girls just may jump back into the water in a few hours. It doesn't get dark here until after nine so we'll have to wait and see.

My little bathing beauty!


The Butterfly playing in the water.

No exactly sure what she was looking at in particular, but she sure does seem intrigued with her belly.

Running through the water... what joy!

Sisters.  Hopping, skipping, and jumping together through the water.  Having fun!

Fun in the pool.

A thirst quencher.  Yup, mommy broke down and gave her a soda.  Enjoy it kiddo!

Summer fun and memories!

Now, just imagine how much more fun we will have when we finally get our lawn!

Update photos from after the Butterfly's nap!

A well-rested, happy little girl!

Trying to catch the water droplets.

The Butterfly loves water, and playing with it out in the sun is one of her greatest joys!

This is one happy, little Butterfly.

A giggly Ladybug is hanging out in the pool (which was, with the extreme heat, quite warm).

Silly, little girl.

Trying to catch the water droplets.

Lots of fun in the sun (... and no, for those of you who are wondering, my eldest did not suddenly grow breasts.  She and her sister found the little water discs that go with the hop-scotch game, filled them with water, and decided that they wanted to put them in their tops.  Silly girls!).



China Dreams said...

Looks like the girls made the most of it! Hope it cools down a little soon.


Coco said...

That heat wave is skipping us :( All we've had for weeks is record LOWS and the last two or three days it has been raining! Enjoy some sunshine for us! The girls look adorable!

Briana's Mom said...

Love the huge smiles on your beautiful girls! A perfect way to beat the heat!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Je suis tombée par hasard sur votre blog, vos photos sont magnifiques. Et ce n'est qu'après en avoir vu plusieurs que je me suis rendue compte que votre fille à le même besoin spécial que ma fille la plus jeune ... Passez sur mon blog, vous verrez, c'est étonnant tellement c'est ressemblant.
Sarah Mei est mon papillon de nuit ...

groovy mama said...

What great PICS!!!!