Friday, July 8, 2011

Nice and... Soft!

So, we are in the midst of potty training. Thus, the Wee One (the Butterfly) is running around the house stark naked all the time! Now for her, this is exactly how she would prefer to walk around everywhere if we let her. She just loves going... um... full commando! Unfortunately for her, society hasn't quite accepted that as a social norm. Sorry kiddo! In the mean time, we are constantly asking her is she needs to go to the bathroom, hoping to catch her in time to encourage her to go on her potty chair. You know the routine!

So yesterday morning, right after breakfast, she and the Ladybug were playing. I, as per the usual routine, asked her if she had to go potty. Which she gave me her normal reply, "No mommy." Sigh...

She then disappeared for a couple minutes. Honestly, I hadn't really noticed that she had walked out of the room (after all, she was just playing with her sister). But, then it happened... she walked back in the room. And I... GASPED!

(Not what you thought, was it!)

I immediately told her to "Freeze!" and not touch anything!!! After all, we are in a brand-spankin' new house, new carpet, new floors, new paint, etcetera. If she looked like this then what in the world did the room look like where she decorated herself this way? Fortunately, not that bad. Anyway, the Butterfly decided since she was super-naked, that she was the perfect canvas for lots and lots of lotion. You see, the little one has two obsessions (that I know of right now), brushing her teeth, and to slather herself with lotion or liquid soap or anything else that she can get her hands on at that point in time. So, when she walked into my room and saw a box that I had just set down on the floor, a box that I was planning to empty later in the day, what she saw was... LOTION!!!

Sigh... looks like I really need to be much more careful with this little one. And, in case you were wondering, yes, she is super soft now!



China Dreams said...

She's a girly girl for sure! Hope the potty training goes well.


Queen Cindy said...

Well, now....lubriderm of all lotions to waste! Jadyn did this to her entire arms and upper body while in her high chair but it was YOGURT. Kudos on the potty training attempt....Mataya has absolutely no interest and my attempts have been futile so I'm jealous of anyone who can git'er done!

Anonymous said...

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