Sunday, July 17, 2011


The Ladybug is a very hands-on type of girl. She LOVES science and thoroughly enjoys conducting experiments. As a matter of fact she was quite bummed this past week when I had to leave her home while I spent my days teaching at a science camp for middle school kids. Though I did have a blast at the camp, I did miss her enthusiasm for all things science!

Anyway, to make up for the time we didn't get to spend together during the week, I got her something that we could do together now that it is summer and because we are finally settled into our new home. The Ladybug has been "bugging" me about doing some planting recently, but since our yard is not quite finished yet (or even started for that matter), I have had to postpone that request for a while.

Well, we were walking through every child's favorite store... Toys 'R Us yesterday when I spied this really cool growing kit for kids. I knew that it was just what we needed to get started. So, we bought it and brought it home. The Bug was so eager to get her thumb nice and green!

As you can see from the photos below, she did a great job of starting the process of growing flowers. She was quite disappointed to find out that although the soil grows immediately when we added the water, the flowers did not do the same. We will keep you posted with the flower growth.

Putting the soil into each of the cups.

Watering the soil.

Comparing the watered soil on the left with the unwatered soil on the right.

Getting ready to plant the seeds.

Planting her first seeds.

Placing the seed cups into her terrarium.

Placing the terrarium on the front porch.

My happy little gardener!


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China Dreams said...

What a great find! We have a science lover too.