Monday, August 30, 2010


The baby Butterfly loves the park. I don't just mean that she enjoys going to a park every once in a while... no. She LOVES playing at the park, and would happily spend hours there every single day if we let her. Unfortunately for her, we do have a few other things that we need to do during a day (eat, sleep, work...). But she does get the opportunity to enjoy some great, quality time at our local park several times per week with her family.

Her favorite activity is the swings. She loves to be pushed while she hangs on, moving back and forth. It is so sweet watching her excitement build as soon as she sits in the swing. She hops right in, gives us a nice wave and off she goes (... into the monotonous fun that is swinging on the baby swing).

I love to watch her as she moves back and forth. She giggles incessantly, making all of us giggle as well. She brings so much joy into our hearts. Occasionally while on the swing, she allows the momentum to slow and just sits quietly, pondering. I just wish that I could crawl up inside her head and find out what she is thinking. Of course I hope that her thoughts are positive and that she is enjoying her new life here with us. And looking at her smiles and listening to her giggles I am hopeful that thoughts about her loving us and trusting us are true. Only time will tell, but we are off to a great start.

Aside from swinging, she has taken a liking to the slide. The slide is fairly new to her, but she is getting more and more confident every day.

She also loves playing with the rocks, just like her big sister did when she was a baby. I am not quite sure what the allure is to these little ones, but they find a lot of joy with those silly little rocks.

Ahhhh, everything is new again to us as a family, and I am thoroughly enjoying the discovery that is a new baby and new family of four.



groovy mama said...

Your girls are just sooooooo beautiful!!! Enjoy your newest one! Congrats, I enjoy your photos of your lovely children! I WISH, I WISH we could have another little girl from China.....if hubby would just GIVE in!!!!
hugs, Donna

The Raudenbush Family said...

These pictures are amazing--so so beautiful!

Have you checked out yet? We'd love to have you a part of the forum there. Just wanted to personally extend a welcome to you. :)

Shelly said...

Our daughter is from Guizhou as well! :) I read your post on the Guizhou group and was happy that your little one was in a loving foster home. The orphanage director told us the same thing about our daughter's foster family and like you it brought us great joy! Your girls are beautiful and your photos are incredible! Congratulations on your new daughter she is adorable! This brings back memories of our little one's first weeks home. She also LOVES the park and being outside. :) Blessings, Shelly

Briana's Mom said...

She is just precious! Your pictures are so beautiful. I'm glad you are enjoying this age all over again. :D

China Dreams said...

What a little daredevil :-)