Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 21 - Started Packing, Shopping, Lucy's for dinner

As you can tell from today's post, I am about a month behind on finishing up my journaling of our trip to China. We have been home for just over a month now, and the baby Butterfly is doing beautifully. Keep an eye on the site, I have so much to share about her progress and our summer now that we are home, with lots of photos! I cannot wait to share.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 21 – Started packing, Shopping, Dinner at Lucy's (short version)
~Packing, organizing, packing...
~Soaking in the sites
~Ladder beds?
~Dinner at Lucy's
~Great families

Day 21 – Started packing, Shopping, Dinner at Lucy's (long version)

Today was spent mostly packing and soaking in the sites of the island one last time. Today was listed by the agency as a free day for the families, except for the task of picking up the baby’s visa, which Daddy agreed to do for our family. So, Nana and I packed, organized, packed, organized, and continued packing for much of the day. With Daddy gone, we were able to get so much accomplished, even with the girls under foot.

Before Daddy left, I got to witness a special moment between he and the girls. The Ladybug stubbed her toe and Daddy was consoling her with hugs and kisses. While sitting on the bed, the Butterfly decided that she wanted in on the tender moment so she crawled over and climbed up on him. I looked up at just that moment and saw Daddy, giving hugs to both his girls. It was so neat to see “Daddy’s Little Girls” in his arms. He is such an amazing father, and both girls know it. We are all so very lucky.

Aside from the packing (and organizing!) I also tried to take some last photos of some memorable things from the island. I was able to capture the view of the river from our hotel room, which was something I enjoyed viewing each night before we went to bed. We wandered the hotel and enjoyed the beautiful waterfall in the center with koi swimming all around. We wandered the path at the edge of the river and observed the locals swimming, fishing, and relaxing near the water. We observed more couples getting their wedding photos taken, and enjoyed the spectacular French architecture that the island boasts throughout. And, as is common right now on the island, we saw a lot of construction, as well as construction workers resting in the shade, trying to recover from the scorching heat and humidity… gotta love their make-shift beds.

In the evening, a group of us met on over at Lucy’s for one last dinner together. It was wonderful to relax with some of our new friends and see how beautifully our children have blossomed in just a short amount of time. The children all seem to be bonding nicely with their new families with lots of smiles and giggles throughout our dinner together. We each shared some fun stories of our journeys as new families, and loved hearing the similarities and differences that each of us are experiencing. Dinner was wonderful, and just what we all needed before leaving the island tomorrow.

(This is the newly adoptive daughter of one of our friends)

It just seems so hard to believe that after enjoying China for almost three weeks, that we will be leaving in less than 24 hours. The time here has been spectacular, but I am so happy to finally be returning home. I really look forward to settling back into our house, introducing the Butterfly to her new bed and room, and finally getting into a routine with her. She is developing and bonding so well with us. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us when we return.


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China Dreams said...

Lovely photos. Hope your trip home is uneventful. It's amazing how much you want to come home when the time comes, and then how homesick for China you get after you are home :-)