Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Palm Tree

The Butterfly started going to part-time school this week. We were very worried about how things would go... after all, she only lets mommy and daddy to hold her. Over the last couple of weeks we have taken her by the school to let her play, which she thoroughly enjoyed, but we were still a bit nervous. However, things are going really well. She is only there a few hours in the mornings, then daddy picks her up and spends the afternoon with her and the Ladybug. She seems to be thriving and we feel so blessed about that.

I took these photos of the baby Butterfly this morning, just before I left for work (my first day none-the-less). Daddy did her hair differently than I had ever done it previously, and I love it! We call it the "Palm Tree!" The palm tree design was my favorite when the Ladybug was younger, and I still thoroughly love it. So cute! Another "fashionista" in the making - especially if her sister has anything to do with it! Ahhhhh, I just love having little girls (then again, I haven't yet made it to the teenage years, ewwwww)!




China Dreams said...

Glad that school has not been traumatic, and your pictures are beautiful.

Tammy said...

Adorable hair! I know it had to be tough on you to send her off to school--so glad it's going well.