Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Countdown ~ 3, 2...

Down to just two more days now. We still have numerous things to finish before we leave, but we were able to accomplish much today. The packing is almost complete, just a few loose ends to throw in the bags before we leave. I need to run to the store today to pick up a nice gift for the Ladybug's foster mother. We want to get her a nice necklace engraved with Chinese characters. We still need to pull together all of our paperwork that for the adoption. We have it all, just not in one localized place. That won't take long though so I am not worried. Other than that, we just need to pick up the house a little bit... it looked a bit like a tornado came through while we were packing.

Speaking of tidying up, the Ladybug suddenly has a unique fascination for cleaning the house. She started earning money from daddy by helping him with the yard work which lead to cleaning the bathrooms, helping to vacuum, and other little extra chores around the house that she can do well. After said chore is completed, she is rewarded with hard earned cash, usually a crisp dollar bill. Funny thing is, her favorite chore right now is cleaning the toilets and scrubbing the tub, which happen to be two of my least favorite chores. So, as long as she is willing and isn't exposed to any nasty chemicals in the process, I am all for it. What do you think?

So, with a little bit of tidying up still left to do and a little girl who is more than willing to help, I think that we will make it to our departure day on Friday pretty stress-free... that is unless some more things around here decide to break down in the mean time. More on that tomorrow!



Dan and Karen said...

So exciting to read!!! I wish you blessings and a wonderful journey as you go. I can't wait to see you holding your little ladybug in your arms!

We know that our TA is literally "in the air" as we speak and are hoping for a CA in mid-late July which means we are not far behind you!



Carla said...

You are on your way...likely in Guangzhou right now...but yes, agreed on cleaning toilets and tubs in a bathroom. I let the kids use vinegar and a scrubbing brush, and the older kids can ONLY use household cleaners that have the instructions on what to do if swallowed as "drink a LARGE glass of water." ;) anything that involves contacting a doctor or poison control and it's off limits to kids, or more likely these days, it stays in the store.

have a GREAT trip!!!!