Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So, Where are we in the Process?


I know that many of you are asking that question... I ask myself that question every day. The short answer, we are still waiting.

For those who do not know, the adption process is long, daunting process with many, many, many unexpected twists and turns. For those who need a visual to understand this process better, the photo below illustrates the simplified version of our adoption... keep in mind, we are not following the simplified path this time around.

When I compare the Butterfly's adoption to when we brought home the Ladybug in 2006, there is a vast difference in wait time, and thus a vast difference in the anxiousness that we feel just waiting to hold the Butterfly in our arms for the first time.

This biggest difference between then and now is that in 2006, after we received our referral for the Ladybug, we left for China just seven weeks later, and I had her in my arms one week after that, on my birthday (just an extra special birthday present!). This time though, with all of the added steps, we will likely wait between five to six months before travel. To give you an idea of where we are in the process, I have included a timeline below. We received our referral on January 19, so we have been waiting about three months so far. Hopefully (keeping my fingers crossed) we will be on our way to China within two months.

Here is our timeline so far:

DTC: 9/11/09 (Dossier to China)
LID: 9/27/09 (Dossier Logged-in in China)
LOI: 1/20/10 (Letter of Intent, sent the day after referral)
PA: 1/26/10 (Pre-Approval for us to adopt the Butterfly)
LOA: 3/01/10 (Letter of Approval, China says "yes" to us)
I-800 Approval: 3/25/10 (U.S. Immigration says "yes" to us)
Cable: 3/31/10 (US National Visa Center sent a cable to China)
NVC letter: 4/04/10 (Letter confirming the cable was sent to China)
Article 5???

So, as you can see, we are only a few steps away from finally holding our little Butterfly in our arms, but we are still unsure as to when we will travel. Anything at this point is speculation, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for travel in early to mid-June.

So, what are we doing to keep ourselves busy in the mean time? Here is my checklist:

• It is springtime, so a good Spring cleaning of the house (started).
• Deciding which items should go to the Salvation Army (started).
• Soon we will be buying the Butterfly a bed, so we will be setting that up and getting the room ready for her (not started yet).
• Packing the baby's things (started... barely).
• Packing our things (not even close to starting this one)
• Work, work, work (in full force).
• Trying to contact the Ladybug's foster mother, we hope to meet up with her while in Guizhou (more on that to come, but started).
• Get our visas (done!)
• Get the rest of our travel paperwork together (in progress).
• Purchase gifts for the orphanage staff and the Ladybug's foster mother (not started yet).
• Work, work, work (still in full force).
• Arrange our travel (not started yet, cannot do until TA).
• Get the Ladybug's immunizations up to date (this week).

Off the top of my head, the list above is all I can think of that we need to do before travel. Since I have been through this before, I know very well that many more things will be piled on top of these as we get closer to travel. Despite the frenzy that will definitely ensue, and I cannot wait to get there.

In the mean time, we wait...

... and wait...

... and wait... Yo!



LucisMomma said...

Your Ladybug is gorgeous! So happy for you to get to go back to China to get your precious Butterfly. Her referral photo looks a lot like our daughter's referral. But her 9 month photo, she does not look like our Luci.

Thanks for letting me know about your daughter. I'll email you with what I know about Liu Zhi (which is not much). I look forward to reading your blog.

groovy mama said...

Well at least you have cutie to wait with!!!!

I know nothing about that Hague stuff we were grandfathered 600 and i would LOVE to be 600 again, but they are telling me that i can't...boo-hoo!

hugs as you wait

Briana's Mom said...

Once I saw Bri's picture I wanted to be in China immediately. We waited 7 weeks and it seemed like forever. I can't imagine seeing your baby's picture and then waiting months to get her. Hoping you will not wait too much longer!!! Thinking of you!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...


Thanks for your comment! We will actually going by you this summer on our way to Alaska, but based on your timeline...you may be in China!!