Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter - God in 3-D!

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful day. As with most parents on a holiday, we were awakened at the crack of dawn by our little Ladybug. Of course the irony of this is that we were awakened by her at a time that is long before we are usually able to get her out of bed on most school mornings. Ahhhhhh, the life of a parent.

We made out way upstairs and saw all that the Easter Bunny had left her. Lucky little girl! After going through her basket and opening a few little gifts (and even modeling the fun feather boa), she set off on the hunt for eggs the Bunny has scattered throughout the room. She giggled and squealed her way from one hidden egg to the next, gathering almost 2-dozen plastic eggs filled with coins and treats.

Following the morning fun, we all dressed in our Sunday best for the Easter service at church. For the Ladybug, this is the day she has been eagerly waiting to arrive for weeks. As you know, the Ladybug celebrated her 4th birthday a few weeks ago. One special present she received from her Nana F. was a beautiful spring-time dress. The dress is adorable and she was looking forward to wearing it soon, but made the dress so much more appealing to our little 4 year old was that it came with a matching dolly dress. When she opened the gift of a new dolly, dressed in a matching Sunday dress, she squealed with excitement and couldn't wait for an opportunity to go out on the town in her new duds. We decided that Easter Sunday was the perfect day.

Once we arrived at church we settled ourselves into one of the pews. Because the Ladybug has had a little cough the last few days, I rummaged through my purse to find a lollypop for her in case she started coughing... a Mommy is always ready! While searching for the sweet treat, I came across a pair of 3-D glasses. Yes, you heard me correctly, a pair of 3-D glasses. Last Friday we went to see the movie, How to Train Your Dragon, and I accidentally walked out with a pair of the glasses at the end of the show. The Ladybug saw the glasses and asked what they were. I told her what they were and continued my rummaging.

A few minutes later the Ladybug was asking about God and heaven. I explained that heaven is where Papa F. and Papa K. now are, and that God is there too. That seemed to satisfy her for a little bit, but then she asked what God looked like. I explained that we cannot see him until we get to heaven, but that we also see him in everything we see (yes, I know... a bit confusing for a 4 year old). She pondered that thought for about a minute, then exclaimed,
"Mommy, give me your glasses. I want to see God in 3-D!!!"

Yup, we enjoyed a great Easter service and a wonderful day. Thank you Lord for blessing us with this wonderful little girl. Our lives are truly blessed... and to become even more so soon, with a sister for the Ladybug.

The Ladybug looking at her beautiful, matching dolly.

Sitting on the steps, hanging out with her dolly, Tiana.

Discussing the wonderful Easter Sunday they enjoyed together.

Giving kisses to her dolly Tiana, and practicing for when her baby sister comes home from China.



Yoli said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Easter. What a little beauty she is and how much your love shows through her pictures.

Coco said...

She looks beautiful and so grown up! And such pretty dress! Glad you all had a wonderful Easter - next year you'll have TWO of them getting you up!

groovy mama said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! Soon it is will be 2 beauiful daughters home with you....

Happy Spring :0)

Collene kennedy said...

Sooooo fluffin' cute!
And lllluuuve the once a year pix' on the left side of your blog!

Courtney said...

I hopped over to your blog from RQ....your daughter is simply beautiful. And congratulations on your second daughter!! I hope you receive your TA soon and can travel to meet her!!

Courtney (misscourtneyk from RQ)

Ellie said...

I really love these photos!! you totally captured the little girl/baby doll "thing". precious.

Crack me up about the 3D glasses and God! by the way I love the "how to train a dragon" movie!!