Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Butterfly

Today is a day where I am filled with mixed emotions. One year ago today our little baby girl was born in Guizhou, China. We know very little of her story from those first few days. However, she was found one month later by a passerby in her town. She was named "Glorious Morning."

Now, one year later, she has a family half-way around the world, eagerly waiting to meet her and bring her home. This is a day where I am a little sad. We are still waiting to bring her home. We are so close to being at the end of this journey, yet still about two months away from travel. Feeling a little sad that we are not there to share this important milestone with her.

But... I am so happy that we have a little baby girl in China who now has a forever family. We will be traveling soon to bring her home. We are nearing the homestretch of this adoption. We are so close, and I am happy about that. We will be a family of 4 soon. The little Ladybug is so proud that she will soon be a big sister. She cannot wait to finally touch her, hold her, feed her, and play with her. I am happy that we are almost there.

As a family, we are going to celebrate her birthday, just the three of us. The Ladybug suggested that we go to dinner, Chinese food of course. I love the idea, and we will take some photos to document out little celebration.

Mixed emotions, both happy and sad... yup, I have those.

Happy Birthday baby girl. We will be there to bring you home soon.



Courtney said...

I know it is a sad day for you but just think that this time next year you will be settled in with a new member of your family. It won't be long till you meet her. Enjoy celebrating her special day with those you have here with you now.

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Happy Birthday!

Yoli said...

This is a day of celebration, she has a loving family that will soon be holding her. All this sadness will fade away, you have a lifetime of love together awaiting you and her.

Happy Birthday little one!

Jodi said...

awwwwww - bittersweet! Happy B-day to your lovely whom you will hold very soon!!!!

Ellie said...

oh, I hated missing Christmas with Tia while we were waiting. It stinks! It won't be much longer!!!

Sending hugs :)