Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

This week I chose to go back further than when we first brought the Ladybug home. All the way back to my honeymoon with my dear husband.

My husband and I met and dated for four years before we finally tied the knot. We were wed four years to the day from the date of our first-date, the same day that we celebrated as our anniversary up until that point (I was just trying to keep it easy for my husband-to-be at the time *wink*). We celebrated with various close friends and family and enjoyed a wonderful ceremony and reception. Unfortunately, we soon had to part ways.

At the time, I was finishing my last year of school in California while my husband was enjoying his first year of teaching college in Colorado. Since we were wed in the month of October, we ultimately ended up spending the first nine months of our marriage apart from each other. We knew this fact when we planned the wedding, and although it seemed a bit unorthodox to some, being apart actually worked out perfectly for us. My husband was able to focus completely on his teaching without having to deal with newlywed issues as well as me monopolizing his time. I was able to focus on my final papers and student-teaching, both of which kept me away from home quite a bit. For us, spending the first nine months of marriage apart was actually perfect and I don't regret it in the least... after all, we spoke on the phone every night and spent every holiday together, so it wasn't all that bad.

After my graduation and the end of his first year of teaching, my husband and I set out to finally enjoy a honeymoon. Our destination, Alaska. We chose a one week Royal Caribbean cruise through the inner passage of Alaska. We thoroughly enjoyed every single day of the cruise. Alaska was gorgeous, and the people were so friendly. Who knows, maybe some day we will make it back there. The photo I chose for today's theme is of the "newlyweds" on the balcony of our room, in front of the quaint town of Ketchikan. Wow, I just have so many memories from that trip, and our life together. It is amazing to see where our life is now... and I don't regret a single moment.


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