Friday, March 5, 2010

Flashback Friday

Oh, how I remember this day.

November 2006, the third day that the Ladybug was a part of our family. The Holt families (the families with our adoption agency) visited a Buddhist temple located at a peaceful lake. Fog had rolled in making the place feel even more serene. The Ladybug and I wandered around the temple and grounds together. I carried her around in a baby-sling, where she nuzzled up next to my chest, listening to my heartbeat as we wandered around. She was still very unsure about everything that had happened to her, not sure of who we were yet, but she did know that cuddling up close to me made her feel safe.

That was a time that I look back on so fondly. She was so tiny and fragile, scared and unsure. But, she found comfort in her mommy. I like to think that she loved her mommy... after all, I love(d) her more than she could ever know. I remember this time so well, it was the first time I was a mommy, this was my dream come true. My little Ladybug was my dream come true.

Yes, I remember this day.



groovy mama said...

What cute little piggy tails she had!......


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Awesome memory!

Jan said...

So, so so very Sweet!!!
I just love these happy, wonderful memories!!