Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Black and White Wednesday - Frost-cicles

This week marks the first time that I am going to try my hand at Black & White Wednesday!

the long road

A fellow blogger started this idea a few weeks ago on her blog (click the above photo to see her wonderful photos!). As she stated on her blog back in January,

"Black and White photos have always been a favorite of mine......and seem to be a popular choice with others too. Two years ago I started to hang black and whites on one of the walls in our home. My goal was to keep adding photos until the wall was completely filled. Well....let's just say that I can still see a whole lot of wall....LOL!

I take so many photos, but for some reason I don't process a lot in black and white.....and I would like to change that, so this is what I have come up with.......

"Black and White Wednesday"

Each Wednesday I am going to post a black and white picture. It doesn't matter what the picture is, it just has to be processed in black and white.

This will give me something creative to work on each week. It will help me refine my processing skills, because black and white conversions are not as easy as you think and last but not least.......IT IS GOING TO HELP ME FILL UP THAT WALL IN MY HOUSE:)

So what do you all think.......Anyone want to play along with me?

You can post a black and white portrait or a snap shot style photo, it can be a person, place, or thing.....whatever your heart desires, as long as it is black and white. You can tell a story with the picture, or just post the picture!!

It doesn't matter if you are a photographer or an ameteur, if you own a camera and have a blog or FB account, you can play along!!! And don't fret..... I will be posting every Wednesday, but you can come and go as you please. Play along as often as you would like. All you need to do is title your post "Black and White Wednesday"

So, I decided to join along. My first entry into this Wednesday endeavour is a few photos that I took recently of the "frost-cicles" outside on our tree in the back yard. Every branch on the tree had these gorgeous, yet ominous spikes, that were actually very fragile, delicate. Despite the freezing cold, harsh weather that we can get out here in the Dakotas, we do not often see nature in quite this way. I am so happy that I took the opportunity to capture the gorgeous crystals in photos. I hope you enjoy.

And... of course, one fun photo of the Ladybug playing in the snow!



Felicia said...

Those images even feel cold. But your cutie looks warm and sweet as can be!

Frau said...

Great pictures ....your little bug smile is gorgeous!

Lisa said...

What great shots! It looks so cold.

I too come up with all these ideas of things I am going to do...and then years later think...mmmm didn't get that done. I hope you get that wall filled.

Your daughter is just gorgeous! I have a three year old too...Don't you just love the three year old?

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am so happy you joined in!! Your little ladybug is that picture:)

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

adorable it was fun to look at your pics
thanks for sharing . stopping over from b&w wed.

Colleen said...

look at that cute little ladybug!!!! I love those tree limb shots...very interesting : )

Wanda said... interesting. Your little ladybug is a sweetie.

kerri said...

great capture, looks like your little ladybug doesn't mind the cold!!

Love Letters To China said...

Just looking at those icicles makes me shiver!

Your daughter is adorable too.

Anonymous said...

Great Post !

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. The frost pictures are gorgeous. Really amazing. God made our world so beautiful, didn't He? I also love the picture of your daughter. What a pretty smile!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining the fun! I love your wording in your about me. Spicy girl :) Too cute. Speaking of cute, your girl is adorable!

I have some frostciles pictures I need to edit. Seeing yours makes me want to go do it right now!

Maryvel said...

Very nice photos! I see you had lots of frost where you are too? I posted pictures of frost too, come over and take a look! See you!

Ellie said...

very pretty. it is fun to see the frost when we are chilly in this 70 degree weather on this side of the world!

b&w's are fun don'tchathink??

Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

Hiya! Your pictures are amazing! I love the details that you captured!

Briana's Mom said...

Those images are so beautiful! You can see all the amazing little spikes. Great!

And of course I love the pic of your precious ladybug!

Michelle said...

These pictures are perfect in b/w!! I can almost feel the chill!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


Great job! Welcome to the fun!


Lula Lola said...

They almost look thorny, don't they? Your daughter is a doll! Love her little wintery picture!

Gail said...

Beautiful images...every single one. :)