Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frustrated but...

First off, I am sorry that I didn't get a photo up for Wordless Wednesday. I had two days worth of meetings that took my mind away from the blog. But, I am back. Now, onto this post.

I am frustrated with a mail delivery company that shall go unnamed. Our adoption agency sent us our adoption paperwork last week, which we received on Wednesday through overnight mail. In it were some time sensitive items which needed to be returned within one week, some of which needed to be notarized. My husband and I got everything filled out, signed, and notarized, and even sent in our adoption payment of a gazillion dollars (only exaggerating by a couple of zeros here). We took it to the "delivery company" on Sunday afternoon for them to ship on Monday so that it would arrive at our agency in Oregon by Tuesday. We did our part so we should be free and clear... right?

Well, last night I decided to see if the check we sent had cleared yet. Nope! I then decided to track the envelope, figuring that I would see that it had been delivered on Tuesday. Nope! According to the website, the envelope arrived at the company's sorting facility in Memphis, TN in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday. By 6:30 a.m. Pacific time, the envelope had arrived at the "Destination Sorting Facility" in Portland, Oregon. And now, two days later (according to their website), that is where the envelope still sits.

I contacted the "delivery company" last night and received some interesting excuses. I say excuses because I was told the letter was stuck in Memphis, so I asked, "Why does your website state that the envelope arrive at the Portland, Oregon sorting facility?" To which the person replied, "Uhhhhhh, oh yes, I see that now. Yes it did make it to Oregon." She then stated that the envelope had not been delivered because of weather problems (I am guessing that this has been her fallback excuse this week because of the storms thta have plagued the east). I then mentioned that I checked the weather in Portland the last two days and other than a little bit of rain late Wednesday, the weather had been clear and near 50 degrees (by the way, this information was further supported by several friends who live in the area). Apparently, the customer service lady didn't like my last comment because she got very short with me, cut me off and stated that she had opened a case to find the envelope. She gave me the case number and said "Good-bye."

I am angry frustrated right now for two reasons. First is obvious, our letter with highly important, time-sensitive material did not make it to its destination when it was supposed to... it didn't even make it there the following day. Second, the customer service lady. She started off fairly pleasant, but the more I questioned her with valid questions like, "Why, according to your website, does it show that the letter has been sitting in Oregon since early morning on Tuesday?" The lady became very short with me, I believe, because I caught her trying to cover the issue with excuses little white-lies... lies that I was able to show were false. I was not trying to be rude to her with my questions, rather I just wanted to find out the answers, answers that she did not have so she instead gave me lies.

Fortunately, about an hour after that aggravating conversation, I received a phone call from a very pleasant customer-service lady who is now handling my case. She will be calling me today with more information. I will be asking for a refund on the "Next-Day" service that I paid for 4 days ago. In the mean time I need to contact the agency to let them know about the snafu and that we are trying to complete this adoption, WE are not being flakey. Sigh..... let's hope this all gets resolved today. I will update with good news (hopefully) soon.



Coco said...

I don't think an adoption is possible without at least a couple of snafus! Hang in there and like I said, if you need any help from this end let me know. I don't work this week and could alway pick it up and run it to Eugene if needed.

Briana's Mom said...

That is SO frustrating! I'm so sorry.