Friday, February 26, 2010

Flashback Friday

Last week's flashback was of the Ladybug, snuggling on Daddy's lap, drinking from her bottle. That day was so special for all of us... including her two Nana's, who traveled with us to China to welcome the Bug into our family.

The photo below is so very special, the Ladybug, resting on the bed, being gently caressed by both of her Nana's. The Bug seemed so at ease, playing with her Nana's fingers, something so simple and yet comforting to a child who was suddenly placed in a room with people whom were so unfamiliar. These gentle touches really helped calm the Ladybug and brought a very tender, touching moment to the day.



LucisMomma said...

Hi, I'm Susan W visiting from the Guizhou yahoo group. We also have a Guizhou girl. Luci came to us in Aug 2005 at age 9.5 months. I watched your video posted on the yahoo group--I was fascinated. Your daughter and ours look so similar, with three exceptions: the hair (our Luci had the "Chairman Mao" look-all forehead and very little hair), our DD was from an orphanage and so had very little nutrition and our DD could not even sit up without lots of support (she certainly could not put herself into a sitting position on her own). The last two differences made me cry.

I loved seeing your daughter grow into loving you all. Can't wait to see your newest love come home!

JESF....... said...

Hi Bailey,

I just love this shot....the most loving picture!! You are so blessed an another one coming :-)...Janice

groovy mama said...

Wonderful Photo!


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

What a beautiful picture!!