Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Long Journey Journal, Day 1

The Ladybug, Daddy, Mommy, and Nana F. are embarking on a journey across the Atlantic ocean to Belgium. I am chronicalling our journey for all of us through this journal. My journal entries are written as letters to the Ladybug so that some day in the future she will read them and remember our wonderful journey east, to visit wonderful friends in a great land. I hope you enjoy our journey.

7 July 2009

Dearest Little Ladybug,

Some days begin with everything going smoothly, without incident, like the planets have aligned just for you to make you day perfect. While other days make you think you should have just stayed in bed. Fortunately for us today, the former was true. Mommy awoke a little before seven a.m., jumped in the shower and started to get ready. We had already packed our bags the day before, so our last minute getting ready was rather minimal for us. While mommy finished getting ready, you and daddy ate a nice little breakfast, just enough to get you up and going for the long day ahead. Before I knew it, we were all ready to go, with time to spare… trust me kiddo, that is a first!

The four of us (you, mommy, daddy, and Nana F.), made it to the airport about two hours ahead of time to check-in, so we were able to grab a nice (but expensive) lunch before our first flight. You were a great little girl (and traveler) on the packed flight to Atlanta even with the fact that Daddy had to sit 10 rows away from us on the plane. At the end of the flight the lady sitting next to us commented on what a great traveler you were (I am so proud). Our layover in Atlanta left us with a little bit of down time before we boarded the long 9-hour flight to Brussels, Belgium. Once onboard we found out that the flight was wide open with lots of extra seats, so the three of us had plenty of room to stretch out and be comfortable.

During the flight, you drew pictures and colored to help pass the time. Before we knew it, dinner was served, and much to mommy’s surprise, it wasn’t half-bad. We enjoyed some chicken, vegetables, salad, bread, and a nice little dessert. The flight attendants were great as well, they came by often, offering us drinks to keep us hydrated. After about two hours into the flight, it was finally dark outside, so we all decided it was time to sleep. Mommy took a row behind our seats to stretch out and sleep, while you and daddy shared our row of three seats with you sleeping flat on two seats (we won’t talk about how comfy Nana was up in business class!).

Nighty night sweety, enjoy your rest!


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Briana's Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip so far! Can't wait to read more!