Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Belgium Journal, Day 2

8 July 2009, Wednesday

Dearest Little Ladybug,

Good morning little girl, how did you sleep?

Apparently pretty well because you awoke in a great mood. This morning the flight attendants brought you some apple juice to start your day, then a banana and a biscuit… just the breakfast to get you going. Again, you were all smiles and excited to be on your way to Belgium. After about an hour, we finally landed in Brussels, where upon you squealed with excitement. I looked at you and said, “Little Ladybug, we are here in Belgium… was it hard waiting?”* You replied, “Yes mommy, it was very hard waiting.” I then asked, are you excited to me here though?” With sheer joy you replied, “Yes!” *(For the few months prior to us leaving, you would often tell us that you wanted to go on our trip to Belgium “now!” I would tell you that we still had x many months or weeks to wait. Where upon you would reply, “It’s hard waiting.” This was our common verbal exchange about our upcoming trip.)

Our landing, like our flight, was nice and smooth. We deboarded the plane and made our way to customs. A nice man stamped your brand-spanking-new passport, and thus we were officially in Belgium. After getting our bags, we walked out to finally see our eagerly waiting friends, Marcel and Melanie. You walked right on up to Marcel and proclaimed, “Hi Marcel, my name is Liliana!” You then gave the same greeting to Melanie, and gave her a great big hug (awe, shucks kiddo, I am so proud). We finally piled ourselves into the minivan and headed back to our friends’ house, located in a nice little town called Wuustwezel. Once there, you decided it was time to explore your new digs… your bedroom and bed, the steep stairs (we finally tackled how to properly ascend and descend them), the courtyard, Melanie’s art studio, the really cool toilet, and of course, the kitchen… where you already helped Melanie prepare both meals today.

We relaxed the rest of the day, still a little tired from our long journey. In the evening we enjoyed a wonderful meal, and shared stories with our hosts. At one point we showed Marcel and Melanie the special video memorial for your Papa F. It was a tribute that brought tears and laughter to us all. I know you miss your papa very much, we all do little girl. Just know that he is now doing so much better in heaven. We will remember him always, with fond memories. Now, let’s enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Belgium.

I love you darling…


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