Thursday, July 9, 2009

Belgium Journal, Day 3

9 July 2009, Thursday

Dearest Little Ladybug,

Good Morning! After a very long journey out to Belgium, we all had the opportunity to get some very good rest last night. At one point in the middle of the night you awoke fussing and whimpering a little bit. I walked over to your bed and asked you if you were okay, and what was wrong. You replied to me that your pajama pants were on backwards. Needless to say, I was a bit perplexed. Why all of a sudden did you awaken and realize that your pants were on the wrong way? It seemed very strange to me (and it entered my mind that it might be a ploy for you to just get out of bed), but I picked you up anyway and placed you on our bed, whereupon I turned your elastic waistband over to see if there was a tag in the front… and low and behold there was tag! So, I quickly stripped off your pajama bottoms, turned them around and redressed you. You then decided that you were sufficiently dressed for bed and quickly fell back to sleep. Way to go… although you are a little strange!

After a lovely breakfast this morning (and a fun little game of ro sham bo between you and daddy) we headed on out to Antwerp to walk around the city. By the time we made it to the center of Antwerp it was pouring down rain, and we were getting soaked. Despite the downpour, you enjoyed walking around in your ladybug raincoat and playing with your umbrella. Fortunately (for the adults), the rain only lasted about one hour, so we were able to continue our roaming around the city with the sun peaking through the clouds. We meandered our way through the ancient cobblestone streets, window-shopping our way through the city. We eventually found a place to eat lunch, and daddy was able to finally taste authentic Belgian beer. After the short respite, we wandered some more and finally walked back to our vehicle.
All in all we spent about five hours wandering around the center of Antwerp. It is such a beautiful city, and a great way to begin our vacation in Belgium. (On a side note, while driving around the city, we passed a concert hall with thousands of people waiting outside. We wondered why there were so many people, and who would be performing. Then we saw… two girls wearing “I Love Britney” t-shirts. It seems that these people love their Britney. I thought we were in Belgium, not the United States?!?!?)

After leaving Antwerp, Marcel drove us to the house of Melanie’s niece, Pascale, and her family. You see little girl, Pascale and your mommy became friends over twenty years ago when your mommy first visited Belgium with Nana and Papa F, and Auntie Heidi. Pascale, who is about the same age as your mommy, is now a mommy herself, with two children, Melan (a six year old boy) and Yasmine (a ten year old girl). While we were at Pascale’s house, you played with the children and played with their toys. Although none of you could communicate with each other because of the language barrier, you still played together and enjoyed each other’s company.
After visiting for over an hour and reminiscing about old times, we realized that we needed to get home for dinner and to get to bed. Upon this announcement, you informed us that you wanted to stay and play… for the rest of the trip. You really seemed to enjoy yourself at their house.

We finally arrived home, enjoyed some dinner (with some very delicious soup… a great topic for another day!), and crawled our way to bed. You and daddy are upstairs right now asleep. I cannot wait to see what adventures await us tomorrow. I hope you have some sweet dreams little girl… I love you! (Below are some more photos from our fun today.)


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