Thursday, February 26, 2009


We are just so blessed with our little Ladybug. Before she was even 2 years old, she was potty trained. It took the bug and I one really dedicated weekend for her to make the leap, and she has been pretty much diaper-free ever since. She was even able to quickly move herself away from nighttime diapers and swim diapers without any trouble. Talk about a huge savings... way to go girl!

Recently, while taking her swimming lessons, we put a swim diaper on her, thinking she would need it. At one point during her lesson, she looked up and signed to us that she needed to go potty. Daddy quickly walked up and whispered to her that because she had her diaper on, she could tinkle quickly in her diaper if she wanted, and it wouldn't matter (he wasn't actually encouraging her to tinkle while in the pool, he was just trying help her not miss any of her short 30-minute swim lesson). The Ladybug looked at Daddy with the most disgusted face and said, "Ewwwwwwwwwwww, yuck! I am not going tinkle in my diaper. That is gross!" Nice to know she is totally repulsed by the idea... the kid has some standards.

Anyway I digress. Just last evening the Bug announced that she had to go potty, then made her way to the bathroom. She asked Daddy to tag along, which he did. While in the bathroom, "taking care of business," the Bug reached over and took some toilet paper in her hand. She then examined it more intently than she ever had before. Then with a great big smile, she announced to Daddy, "This toilet paper is really pretty! I like it a lot. It has pretty flowers on it. Thanks Daddy!"

Who knew... I thought it was just toilet paper. Don't you just love living life through the eyes of a child!


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