Monday, February 9, 2009

The Bug Has a Bug

The Ladybug has not been feeling up to par for the past few weeks. However, despite a yucky cough, she has had lots of energy and hasn't really seemed very sick.

That is until this weekend.

Poor little girl has been sick all weekend, coughing and feverish. Her fever topped 102.6 yesterday, so Daddy decided to stay home with her today and take her to the doctor's office. Apparently she didn't have a very nice visit. Her ears were rather clogged and needed to be cleaned. It took two nurses, the doctor, and daddy to keep her down while they cleaned out her ears. She is now on antibiotics to help get her better, and the doctor suggested that she do some breathing treatments whenever she starts coughing to help clear her chest.

The breathing mask is really cute, looks like a little fishy. However, despite its cuteness, Liliana was really scared to put the thing on and ended up crying for over 20 minutes before we could start.

Hopefully her medicine will get her on the mend. Keep her in your prayers. We are crossing our fingers that she will be feeling much better soon.



Made in China said...

Poor thing!! Both my kids have had those little masks and have now graduated to the bigger ones.

I love your blog design!

Made in China said...

I just realized both our girls are Guizhou girls!

Amy said...

I will pray she feels better soon! My little guy had to use the nebulizer 2x a day for over a year. He hasn't needed it for a really long time. The little fishy face mask is cute! We didn't have that.