Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!!!

Oh how I wish we could say that to him in person, but we are thousands of miles apart right now.

The girls and I took off on an adventure to Florida while Daddy is still at home, taking care of business.  We all miss him terribly, and talk to him every day.  

In the mean time, the girls and I are thoroughly enjoying our vacation in sunny, and hot and HUMID Florida. The girls go swimming almost every single day, and are loving the opportunity to improve their swimming skills.

The girls love spending lots of time with their Nana F., as well as their cousin S.

While here we visited the zoo and an amazing children's museum with wonderful hands-on activities for the girls.

Despite the fact the the girls are having loads of fun, being away from Daddy on this special day is pretty hard on the girls and I.

So, we created a little video for Daddy that we are sure he will enjoy.  This is a Part 2 to a video that we created a few years ago before we had the Butterfly, and we thought Father's Day would be a great opportunity to update the video.

So, here it is Daddy... Enjoy!!!

(If there is no video above or you would like to view a high quality version, please visit this link at YouTube where I have the video uploaded.)

We love and miss you Daddy!


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