Friday, May 4, 2012

My Little Ballerina

The Ladybug is once again getting ready for her ballet recital.

She is so excited and eager to be on the big stage, performing for her family and all of her friends. She even loves the fact that she will be dancing on the very stage where the cast of the touring Broadway show, Mamma Mia performed. But, more than anything, she cannot wait to wear and dance in her beautiful ballet costume. In my eyes, it is the quintessential ballet costume with tutu. And looking at the Ladybug in the costume, she is the perfect ballerina.

The recital is tomorrow afternoon. The Ladybug is now in bed, dreaming about her special day. And here I am, on the couch, looking at photos of my beautiful daughter. Thinking about how blessed I am to have her in my life. Thinking about how amazing it is that we were brought together from two so very different cultures, as mother and daughter. And also thinking about how quickly my little girl is growing up and how I need to cherish every single moment.

I love you Ladybug.

Good luck at your ballet recital.



Diane said...

A lovely little girl in a beautiful ballet costume! I hope she enjoys her special day!
We just went to NY for point shoes for our oldest daughter. So fun!
Enjoy your sweet blessings!

christelle02 said...

Your daughters are so cute ! Thank you so much for those wonderful pictures.