Friday, September 30, 2011

Some People Dream

The following photo has been making its way around Facebook recently. I saw it and froze. How, after seeing this, can anyone think that the problems we face everyday are not minute compared to what others face in elsewhere throughout the world.

"you hate your life, while some people dream of having your life"

For the past month I have been having a pretty difficult time at work. Nothing major, but the added stress has really been getting to me, so much so that I have been bringing the frustration home with me each and every day. I have never been like this before for such an extended period of time. Yes, we all have a bad day here and there. But stress that just keeps building every day for well over a month... I'm just not used to it, and honestly I am not dealing with it very well. Many of you out there reading this do know the added stress that the adoption process can bring to people. I have lived it! But, I'll tell you that the stress involved with adoption at least brings with it much joy at the same time (or at least eventually). Just look at my two little loves. They are the joys in my life (as is my dear husband). So what is making this stress so different and so much worse? Probably the fact that there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel or much joy that accompanies it. Thus, my total frustration. Frustration that I pray each night will go away, to no avail.

So, yesterday I saw this photo and I froze. I froze right where I was, just stunned. I think I needed to see this, to help me see the bigger picture in life. I realized that everything that has been causing me so much frustration and stress is nothing compared to what other people in many other parts of the world face on a day to day basis. I am truly blessed. Blessed with a wonderful family, a roof over my head, a wonderful career that I do love, and loving friends. It is so easy to dwell and focus in on the minutiae that fills our lives. And, that minutiae is where I have been living for the last few weeks. Until yesterday...

I am already feeling better. Even co-workers have noticed. I will not let my recent frustrations get the best of me. I am going to enjoy my job, my children, my husband, and my life. I have so much to be thankful for and I am going to thank God everyday for what makes my life wonderful. Yes, I will still have stress in my life, I am just not going to let it get to me any more. Ahhhhhh...

Sometimes we just need a little perspective to thrust us back into reality. Hello reality!


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Briana's Mom said...

Awww, what a sweet picture of you and your beautiful girls. I'm so glad they can put a smile on your face.