Tuesday, September 27, 2011


When I take photos of the girls I just "click" away! These two kiddos move at lightening speed and getting a good photo of them is sometimes very difficult.

Case in point, the evening of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. After the girls donned their beautiful, Chinese outfits, I took them outside to our doorstep to take some photos. I prefer to take photos in natural light since I am able to capture the natural shadows that fall so beautifully across softer faces. But, with natural light comes the possibility of movement in the photos... especially with very wiggly children. Add to that the difficulty of getting the two of them to smile perfectly at-the-exact-same-time... well, you get the "picture!"

Below is the series of events from that evening. Each time I view the photos I chuckle. I love how the Ladybug is doing everything she can to get her sister to smile perfectly, and the Butterfly is fighting it with everything she has to not smile. Then, she looks away, or makes a silly face.  The Ladybug, getting a bit frustrated, starts to smile a rather pained smile. Seriously, I only have two children. How in the world do people with several more kids do this and get a great photo? Photoshop, it has got to be Photoshop! Anyway, what am I to do? Just giggle and sigh...

(Note: Don't forget, these are the outtakes from our little photo session. They are not perfect, far from it. They are just some of the photos that make me smile because they captured the moment. They just weren't "perfect" enough for the final cut.)

I just love these girls... silly, grumpy, boogery, snotty, serious, and giggly faces and all! All of these faces are what our days are filled with from morning to night. And I wouldn't trade them for the world!


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Coco said...

Aren't those photo shoots fun?! The ages of your girls make it especially hard though! When mine were little like that I tried to have everything set up or figured out in my head then come up with some really good bribery before getting them involved! Then you take about 100 pictures and hope for one good one! It doesn't matter though - they are adorable no matter what!