Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Six Months

Wednesday, January 5 was a special day around here. To most it would seem like any other middle of the week, normal day. But to a special little baby girl and her family, the day was special. January 5 marked the six month anniversary of when the Baby Butterfly was placed in our arms... the six month anniversary of when we became a family of four... the six month anniversary of when the Ladybug became a big sister... and finally, the six month anniversary of when the Baby Butterfly finally had a family to call her own.

I am really finding it hard to believe the baby has been with us for an entire six months already. But at the same time, it seems as though she has been with us forever. The transition for all of us has been rather smooth, especially considering the Ladybug had been our only child up until that time. The Ladybug has taken on the role of big sister so well, though I do hear the occasional, "Stop touching me," or "Stop taking my things!" But that is totally expected and actually makes me laugh most of the time.

What amazes me most is the Baby Butterfly and how well she has transitioned. Six months ago she couldn't crawl, within a week she was crawling, and a month later she was starting to walk. She is now running circles around all of us. She went from a shy, timid little baby to a vibrant, giggly little girl who loves her family. I love coming home each day to this little who whose excitement to see me just melts any frustrations I may have encountered during the day. She love to laugh at everything, and tries hard to make us smile and laugh with her. But more than anything, she is a girl who loves to love. She is a little cuddler who hugs with all her might.

I look at both of these girls and I feel so blessed. Thank you Lord for blessing my life and my family. Thank you life's little blessings.



China Dreams said...

It is a big day and definitely cause for celebration! Glad she's a cuddler-can't get enough of those, right?


Dan and Karen said...

Absolutely precious and congratulatons on 6 months! We're right behind you...Wednesday 1/19 for us!