Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Preparation... Conversations

For the past few months, we have been planning a summer family vacation to Belgium to visit some friends. The Ladybug is very aware of our plans and excited to be traveling again to some far off location.

A few weeks ago we mailed off the appropriate documentation to obtain Liliana's U.S. passport. It finally arrived in the mail a couple days ago, and upon opening the envelope, Liliana squealed with excitement and exclaimed, "I'm so excited, now we can go to Belgium... come on, let's go!!!" After laughing our tushies off for a few minutes, we explained to the Bug that we would not be leaving just yet. We still had to wait until mommy was finished teaching for this school year (about a month). She replied, "It is hard waiting." I agree kiddo.

Yesterday, when I picked Liliana up from school I mentioned to her that her outfit was adorable and that we should probably take it with us to Belgium. Well, she took that comment as a command. As soon as we returned home, she stole away to her bedroom and started packing. After being in her room for about 30 minutes she came out to ask if we would be staying all night in Belgium... to which I replied, "Yes dear, we will be staying many nights in Belgium." She squealed with excitement... again, and then finished her packing, making sure to include some pants, shirts, shorts, dresses, panties, PJs, books, a blanket, and several stuffed animals (the absolute essentials).

This evening I after dinner, Liliana decided that she would finish her packing and start her traveling. She got all of her bags together, slung her backpack over her shoulder, walked out the door and said goodbye. I asked where she was going, and she squealed with excitement (yet again) and said, "I'm going to Belgium, I want to go now! Bye mommy." After laughing (again), I grabbed my camera and snapped the following pictures of the Bug on her way out the door.

By the way, she didn't get very far. With temps outside in the low fifties and dropping fast, Liliana made it as far as the garage before she turned around. She is now inside, nice and warm, figuring out how she will make it to Belgium tomorrow.


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