Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Little Bag Ladybug

The Ladybug is very creative when it comes to her wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, she is very good in the mornings when she comes up with outfits to wear for the day out in public. Everything is color coordinated perfectly, including her socks, shoes, and hair accessories. However, everything changes when she gets back home in the afternoons and is allowed to just go hog wild... and boy does she ever!

Today, after we arrived home, she asked if she could wear her princess outfit. I said, "Sure, no problem," and she immediately went to her room on got dressed into an absolutely adorable purple dress. A few minutes ago though, she walked into the living room with a few added accessories: knee length purple socks (perfectly color coordinated as usual), old tennis shoes, a bright green Yo Gabba Gabba sweatshirt, and a colorful floppy hat. She was pushing her doll stroller with a couple bags flung over the handles. Needless to say, I started laughing. She is just a hoot!

Checking out her "fancy" shoes.

I just love her creativity!


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