Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Winter Finally Arrived

We may live in a place that boasts cold temperatures during the winter.  And, most people think that we get a ton of snow because of the sub-freezing temps.  However, that is just not true.  Our winter landscape is usually brown and dull.  We are lucky to get one good snowfall each year, and it usually happens during the Spring.  This year was no different.  However, rather than a few inches, we were walloped with a continuous blizzard for 48 hours.  The result, over two feet of snow and two whole days off from school and work.  We were happily house-bound during that time and are now trying to dig our way out.

The snow that drifted under our awning.  Over a foot on the railing.

Daddy starting to shovel after day one of snow during a slight break in the storm.

My Ladybug flashing a peace sign.

Helping Daddy shovel snow.

My beautiful Butterfly getting ready to play outside on day two.

The girls playing outside.

A Butterfly in the snow.

Of course, what is a snow day without a little fun indoors.  Painting our fingernails was the perfect treat for a relaxing, fun snow day(s)!


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