Monday, December 12, 2011

A Night With the Girls

This is finals week for Daddy, which means he has a few late nights so that he can do a couple review sessions with some of his students. Thus, mommy is hanging out with the girls all by herself and having a blast!

When we first arrived home the girls both received some mail from Nana F.  They were both so excited to receive something that was addressed specifically for them.  What was even cooler was that each card came filled with stickers for the girls to play with however they saw fit.  Well, that was all the Butterfly needed to know.  She immediately started tattooing her arm with the stickers and had a blast!  They may have been a short lived gift, but they were thoroughly enjoyed!

Tonight we made some delicious noodles, salad, and fruit for dinner. The Butterfly decided to help me with making dinner. Specifically, she played with and ate some olives while I cut them up to go in the noodles (yup, I know... big help!). What was so cute was what she did with the olives. She found the perfect spot for them... on her nubbin. Gotta love how this girl can now give me a thumbs up!

After cleaning up we played a few games. We did play a few rounds of Hungry Hippos, but the girls' favorite game was the caterpillar/chopstick game (as they like to call it!). All three of us had a blast playing the game and often giggled along the way.

What a fun night. I love spending time with my girls!

(By the way, I am not really sure why the Butterfly has decided that she needs to squint when she smiles, but it is pretty funny and she is very consistent.)



Amy said...

Your kiddos are way too cute!! Just adorable! I need to know what that game is- it looks like tons of fun!!

China Dreams said...

Looks like great fun, and the little one is definitely adaptive!


Anonymous said...

Les collants finissent toujours en tatous chez nous aussi! :)

Belle photo, celle de l'olive sur la main de votre bébé. Nos enfants sont aussi habiles que les autres. Étonnant de voir leur belle capacité de compensation. Je suis si fière de ma fille comme vous devez l'être de la vôtre!

I wish you and your beautiful family, a merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...


You don't know me but I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blogs, looking at your pictures and watching the videos of your beautiful daughters! You have such a wonderful family-congrats!