Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween came and went. The girls, as can be expected, had a blast!

Living in the middle of the United States does keep us on our toes. Fortunately, things were on our side on the last day of October... weather-wise anyway. As I drove home from work, I checked the temperature gauge. Much to my surprise it was a balmy 71 degrees. Perfect for trick-or-treating!

I arrived home, got the girls dressed,

added a little makeup,

and took some photos...

Daddy then took the girls for a wonderful stroll around our great new neighborhood trick-or-treating. And yes, Daddy did dress up too... as Dr. Who! Gotta love the bow-tie.  Bow-ties are cool!

What a fun night for everyone. I love my girls, I love my husband, I love enjoying this life with them!

The Ladybug is such a loving child who smiles from the inside out...

The Butterfly's joy of life is contagious!

I love my family!

I am also happy that Halloween happened when it did. 24 hours later it was 30 degrees colder and snow flakes started to fall. Yuck!  Gotta love our weather (or not).



Lisa~~ said...

Adorable! So nice that you had such perfect trick or treat weather.

Anonymous said...

Impossible de ne pas prendre de photos de nos enfants. Mon appareil photo est devenu un accessoire de cuisine, il est toujours sur le comptoir, prêt a attrapper un petit cliché!

Votre petite souris semble espiègle. Je crois que c'est le lot des 2e enfants de famille! :)

Bonne dégustation de bonbons!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

So cute! Glad you got the nice weather!