Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun with Water!

The Ladybug and Daddy spent the day at the county fair. So, that left the Butterfly and I to enjoy a Mommy-Daughter day together. When I asked her last night what she wanted to do, without hesitation she replied, "Swim!" I was actually a bit surprised with her response since we hadn't talked about swimming for a few days, but apparently she had been wanting play in the water again for quite some time.

As you can imagine, she had a BLAST! Watching her in the water you would think that she knows how to swim, but believe it or not, she has not been taught yet. Hmmmm... That does not keep her from bounding forward and pushing herself to the limit. Trust me, I get a little nervous watching her, but I am always very close, and I know that letting her explore is great for her confidence. I did work with her a bit on floating, kicking, and arm work, but in the end she is a kid... she just wanted to play! Below are a couple pics and some videos of the Baby Bug "getting her water on!"

Time for lots of fun on the dinosaur slide.

Without any prompting from me, and believe it or not no other kids were doing this either, she decided to go down the slide head first! The Butterfly totally caught me off guard with this move, but she LOVED it!

Lots of fun, fun, fun!


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Lisa~~ said...

Cute, she looks like she loves the water.