Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Ladybug is Now Five!

We knew it was going to happen, we had been planning it for several years. I just cannot believe that it finally came. The Ladybug turned five years old!

A few years ago the Ladybug was walking with her daddy when they passed some children on a baseball field playing ball.

She asked him what they were doing and he replied, "Playing baseball."
At just two years old she proclaimed, "I want to play baseball!"
Her Daddy said, "Sorry honey, but you have to be five years old to play baseball, and you are only two. You will have to wait three years before you will be allowed to play."
The Ladybug was a bit disappointed, but seemed content with that answer, and continued on her way.

Over the next few years, each time we passed a baseball field with children playing, the Ladybug commented that she wanted to play baseball, but she knew that would have to wait until she was five years old.

The age of five seemed so far off at that point in time, twice her age away as a matter of fact! But as time passed, the inevitability of that number seemed to creep eerily closer. And, this past Saturday, that day finally became a reality.

To help make the day extra special for the Ladybug, her Nana Schoo came out for a special visit.

On the eve of her birthday, after the Bug had gone to bed, the three adults (Nana, Daddy, and Mommy) spent time wrapping gifts and decorating her bedroom door. We took some simple red balloons and a permanent marker and created some adorable ladybug balloons. We also made a couple signs to help announce her special day.

The next morning, the Ladybug walked out of her room, walked by her door, stopped dead in her tracks and then backed up. She looked at the door and in a state of shock said, "Whoah!!!" It was an awesome response for all of the fun we had decorating.

Rather than making her wait until later in the day or evening to unwrap her gifts (an extremely agonizing thing to do for a young kid), we decided to allow her to open her gifts in the morning. She loved this option! She received a few fun little gifts, her favorites being a few archeological digs, a new doll stroller and accessories, a pretty princess dress, and her very own tool box. When looking at the gifts, I am amazed at the broad range of things she received... from princess to archeologist, to hands-on construction. This kid definitely likes a wide range of things, and I am so proud of her for that. Kudos little girl!

Her gifts from both Nana's, Mommy, Daddy, and her sister.

The Ladybug's favorite gift, her very own toolbox with real tools inside!

A Sonic Screwdriver (Dr. Who fans know what this is!).

The Baby Butterfly trying on her sister's new safety goggles.

After a fun afternoon together, we finally made our way to the Ladybug's favorite restaurant. It is a place we only visit about once per year because it is rather expensive, but it boasts the best Asian food around. We all loved the food as well as the time together.

The Butterfly writing and drawing before dinner. I just love her concentration.

A silly little grin during dinner.

At the end of the day, Daddy and I tucked the big girl into bed. She gave us both great big hugs and thanked us for a great day. As we walked out of her room she asked, "So, when do I start baseball?" My of my, that girl has a memory like a steel trap!

We thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful time as a family celebrating the Ladybug's fifth birthday. I still cannot believe that my little baby is already five! How can this be?!?!? Amazing how time seems to fly by.

Age one.

Age two.

Age three.

Age four.

And finally, age five!

Happy Birthday beautiful girl. I love you always!!!



Jan said...

Wishing a Very Happy 5th Birthday to a most Beautiful Ladybug!!! Looks like you had a grand time!!! And LOVING all your photos especially the ones at each and every age!!!

Also just loving the look of concentration on your sweet little Butterfly!!!

Lisa~~ said...

Very happy big #5 birthday and have fun playing baseball!!

groovy mama said...

BEAUTIFUL little Lady! Hope it was a wonderful and fun -filled day!

Briana's Mom said...

Happy 5th birthday to your beautiful ladybug!!!! Briana is right behind - turning 5 in August.

How in the world are they turning five already? Time flies!