Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 17 - Baby in a Bathtub, Pearl & Jade Market, Swimming

Day 17 - Baby in a Bathtub, Pearl & Jade Market, Swimming (short version)
~Fun bath
~Horrible bath!
~Out on the town
~Jade & Pearl shopping
~Water baby

Day 17 - Baby in a Bathtub, Pearl & Jade Market, Swimming (long version)
After a very stressful day yesterday we slept in a bit today, and boy did it feel good. The day was pretty casual, so I don’t have a lot of photos from today. However, two things did happen, one I took photos of, and the other you are going to be so happy I didn’t.

WARNING: the following information is not for the faint of heart. Yucky things will be mentioned below.

Before going out we all washed up, which included the two girls taking a bath together. The baby loves the water, and bathing is a great place for her to play and splash around. The two girls have a few toys that they play with in the tub, mostly little plastic animals and the stacking cups. Both offer hours of enjoyment. While they were in the tub together playing I was at the sink watching them through the mirror, when all of a sudden the Ladybug started screaming. “Mommy, mommy, come quick!!! The baby just pooped in the tub!” I ran over, looked in and low and behold, the baby actually did do her business in the tub.

After grabbing both girls and getting them out, daddy and nana worked on clean-up. I was laughing so hard at this point because this little event took me back to when I was a little girl, bathing with my younger sister. I will never forget the day that my sister did the same thing and a little poop started floating by me while in the tub. I did the exact same thing as the Ladybug and yelled for my mother. So, as this was now happening to my two daughters, I was also reliving my past. Ahhhhh, old memories.

During the clean-up, daddy was holding the baby in front of the tub on the towel that lays on the floor. Just as the clean-up was complete, he exclaimed, “Oh man, now this towel is wet… from the baby tinkling on it while we were cleaning-up. Seriously little girl, you can stop now!” So, in the span of two short little minutes, the baby pooped in the tub and tinkled on the towel in front of the tub. Not bad for being awake for just about 30 minutes. By the way, we made sure that house-cleaning gave us new towels! And no… I did not take photos of this even, and you are welcome.

Eventually the girls did get cleaned up and dressed for the day. Mommy and nana had some things to do, so daddy and the Ladybug headed out to see the surrounding area. They came upon many things on their outing. A married couple who were very excited to pose for daddy’s camera. Laundry, because everyone else dries their clothes this way. Bamboo scaffolding, because bamboo is so readily available (gotta say this looks a bit scary). And of course, a little girl who just loves hanging with her daddy.

After they returned, we met several of the other families in the lobby and headed out to the Pearl and Jade Markets. Honestly, words cannot properly describe the two venues because they are so huge. Room after room and floor after floor of jade jewelry and carvings in one building, and room after room and floor after floor of pearls and gemstones in another. Looking at all of the stores, most carrying many of the same items, it makes you wonder how any of them can honestly stay in business. But, they do.

We were given 45 minutes in each market, where I was able to purchase some items that I regretted not getting last time I was there; some jade bangle bracelets, a “peanut” necklace for the Ladybug (my affectionate name for her is my peanut), and some other little treasures. At the pearl market I purchased a beautiful pearl necklace to give to the Butterfly on her 16th birthday, while my mother bought her a string of pearls and bracelets for when she gets married some day.

We eventually made it out of the markets, much to my husband’s approval, and came back to the hotel. Following another great dinner at the Cow & Bridge Restaurant (yes, we like it so much we went there two nights in a row), we walked back to our rooms and on the way we commented on how warm it was. We decided that the perfect place to visit tonight was the White Swan Hotel pool. The Ladybug thought it was a great idea, especially since we had matching swimming suits for the girls. We were not sure how the Butterfly would take to the huge pool, but we were hopeful since she really does love her baths. While we were in her province we picked up a little floating ring with leg holes in the center, just perfect for our baby girl.

When we arrived at the pool she was very hesitant and wasn’t sure what was going on. I walked into the pool with her very carefully, holding onto her making sure not to scare her. I eased in a little bit more, getting more and more of her body wet, just waiting for a reaction. None. Finally, because she seemed to be doing just fine I placed her into the inflatable ring and pushed her around. That is what did it for her, she loved it! She started splashing around, giggling and laughing each time her hands hit the water. She is definitely a water baby. The water temperature was perfect and just the thing we needed after a hot day out and about. We ended up staying there about one hour, and she loved every minute.

Tomorrow we have the famous “Red Couch photo,” but now it is time for bed.



China Dreams said...

Busy, busy busy! Love the photo with the statues in GZ.

Cindy, Jadyn and Mataya said...

Ahhhhh, Jadyn has several of the poop in the tub stories she could share with Liliana. I giggled reading it because it's happened here at least twice now. But again, as you say, memories are made albeit gross as they are at times! Glad to see your girls are both doing well!

Susan said...

Ah memories! I remember all of those places well! So exciting!

Kelly T said...

So funny!!! I think it's happened to us all! Love the photos and thanks for restraining yourself and not taking photos of ALL the events of the day! LOL

Diana, Eric, and kids said...


Not sure you will see this in time, but we are passing through your town tomorrow on our way back from Alaska. Would love to meet to say hi, but I am not sure if you are home from China yet OR even up to meet at all. You can contact me at freestylemama at dianarambles dot com.

Frances said...

Even corner tubs aren't spared from the "poop tub" stories out there.