Sunday, October 11, 2009

“A Budderflyyy”

Short post. The Ladybug received her wings…her butterfly wings that is. She is so excited at the possibility of flitting around on Halloween as a butterfly that she had to try on her costume the other day. Here she is seen gazing at her lepidopterous image.

Don’t worry, here in South Dakota we will not be allowing our daughter to prance around the neighborhood in October in a mini-skirt. No, she will be wearing 2-inch thick leggings with snow pants over top, 5 sweaters, thermal moon boots with wool socks, three pairs of mittens, a long hand-knitted wool scarf, and a fuzzy wool cap to keep her little ears nice and toasty. Then again with that outfit she should probably just dress as “Randy” from A Christmas Story rather than a petite, fragile little butterfly. We’ll let her decide. Come to think of it she has been prancing around the house lately in both outfits, so who knows what will happen on Halloween. Only time will tell.


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