Saturday, April 11, 2009

3 Years Old

Well, it happened... our little bug turned another year older. It was bound to happen, but I just want to know... where is my little girl going? She had a stellar party (that I will discuss in another post) with a few select friends, and lots of perfect 3-year old "princessness."

Beside her fun little party, we also took Liliana to get her 3-year old portraits completed. Unlike the previous two years, she is now a posing pro and was able to get all of her photos completed in half the time! Below are a few of the pictures from her session. Enjoy!

A cute collage of the Bug in her adorable brown dress.

Kissing the bear.

Lounging with the butterflies. She just loved this background.

She just looks so much older now. She is not a little "baby" any more.

Another cute collage in her favorite dress... she is showing is that is twirls!

Our happy little three-year old.



Coco said...

Tell Liliana Happy Birthday from Paige! I love the pictures of her too. I agree, in the brown dress she looks more like a preschooler, but there is still a hint of toddler in the flower dress ones - at least in my opinion! They grow too fast don't they? I can't believe it is already almost two and a half years. How can that be? Take care and have a wonderful Easter!

Briana's Mom said...

Happy Birthday! What sweet photos!