Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Morning

While out on the town yesterday, the Ladybug bumped into a friend of hers from school. The two giggly girls were excited to see each other and started discussing their weekends thus far. It was at this point that said friend proudly showed-off her freshly painted sparkly fingernails. Well, that was all Liliana needed to see to make her decide what she wanted to do this weekend... transform all of her nails and make them nice and sparkly too.

When we arrived home, she immediately went to the downstairs pantry, procured the box of manicure supplies and brought them to me. Having attempted to paint her nails a few months ago, I knew that doing so now would likely result in smudged fingers and several paint splotches left throughout the house. But, the Bug was insistent, so I succumbed.

After painting her finger nails last night, and actually making it through the event almost totally unscathed (she did smudge two fingers that we quickly fixed), the Bug awoke today demanding that her toe nails now be painted. Well, Daddy came to the rescue and fulfilled her request. Who knew... it seems that Daddy has an alter-ego, and a possible fall-back profession as a manicure and pedicurist.

Liliana absolutely loves her freshly painted fingers and toes, and is now in the process of color coordinating her outfit to perfectly match the paint color. Yes, you heard that right. According to the Bug, her toes must perfectly match her shirt, and her fingers must match her pants and socks. Since we painted her fingers and toes with the same color this shouldn't be a very difficult task, but she is insistent on which particular nail must match which article of clothing (she is excited because her nail color very nicely matches her favorite Polka Dot dress). Thus is the mind of an almost 3-year old.

--Update-- It is not even noon yet, and the Bug is on her third outfit change, all of which nicely match her nails. She is now dressed as Tinkerbell, and insists that her nails are sprinkled with pixie dust. All I can think of is what is life going to be like when she is 6, 10, or even a teenager. Oh, life is going to be fun with this little girly-girl.


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Lisa~~ said...

Oh so fun that Dad did the toe nail painting. Aren't little girly girls the best!