Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas at our house is usually rather quiet, except for the squeals of excitement from Liliana. Since we happen to live in the middle of the United States, and the ladybug's grandparents live on either coast, we often do not spend Christmas with them unless we travel out of state. This year we opted to stay home and enjoy a cold snowy Christmas with just the three of us.

Liliana started by chatting it up with Santa through a video message he sent her.

She then got her delicious cookies ready on a special Santa plate and placed them near the tree.

Finally, she placed a special Santa key on the door so that Santa could get into our house since we do not have a chimney, to deliver toys and gifts.

After we all went to bed, Santa placed all of the gifts (both his and ours) under the tree.

And then... Liliana woke up!


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